The closing process begins as an order is received either from the borrower, buyer, their realtor or lender to start the ball rolling. We begin by obtaining an abstract of title which is examined by a closing attorney, who approves the title. Once the title is approved a closing date can be set and the requirements to close will begin to be met. Those requirements can include but are not limited to a survey of the property, inspections of the property, payment status of the property taxes, homeowners' insurance, flood elevation determination, and termite certificate. Even though there may be many closing requirements we still strive to close the sale/loan within a three to five day window. We realize how important it is to our clients that the closing process be handled swiftly.

The traditional services provided by a Louisiana title company include cash sales, owner financing sales, and all types of lender mortgages. Our experienced staff provides many more services beyond those traditional ones. We routinely prepare acts of donations, assumptions of existing loans, modifications of existing loans through loan modification agreements, residential leases, residential building contracts, purchase agreements including mineral reservations, powers of attorney, corporate resolutions and subdivision restrictions. Our experience and desire to continually enhance the real estate and building industry is evident in our creation of the "One-Time Residential Construction Loan Closing Package". This package incorporates the interim and permanent financing for a construction loan into one closing instead of two and benefits borrowers by allowing for substantial cost savings on loan closing costs. It is currently being used by many local lenders.